The Benefits of Team Sport for Kids

Team sport is any form of competitive, organised sports that involves competing against other teams. There are hundreds of different team sports in the world including cricket, football, handball, American football, basketball, water polo and many more. In addition to being fun, they offer a wide variety of pedagogical benefits for kids such as self-confidence, social skills, responsibility and communication.

Kids who play team sports are surrounded by other people who share their interest in the same sport, which helps to build friendships with peers that can last well beyond the final whistle of a match or practice session. In a day when loneliness has been named as one of the biggest threats to our wellbeing, it is good for children to be around other kids and to develop close relationships with them.

Playing team sports teaches kids how to interact with others in a positive, respectful way and this can be transferred to other parts of their lives, from the classroom to the workplace. They also learn how to work with other players who may not have the same goals or abilities as them, which is an important life skill for dealing with difficult people in general.

Learning any new skill is a great way to boost a child’s confidence and playing team sport only magnifies this feeling of accomplishment and self-belief. It also teaches them how to deal with setbacks in a calm, measured manner instead of reacting emotionally and losing their composure. This can help them in later life to overcome challenges at school, in the workplace or in other areas of their lives.

Team athletes also learn the value of time. They need to attend training sessions and games on a regular basis, so they learn to manage their time effectively in order to balance their sporting schedule with other commitments. This can be an important life lesson to take into adulthood, where busy schedules are the norm.

Children who play team sports can also develop an understanding of the importance of taking care of their body, which is a lesson that they will carry with them into their adulthood. Getting enough physical exercise is essential for overall health and well-being, and participating in team sports is an ideal way to achieve this.

Kids who participate in team sports are likely to be getting the two-and-a-half to five hours of moderate intensity physical activity recommended by Finder. This is more than double the amount of physical activity that the average Australian gets per week. This increased level of physical fitness will also improve their cardiovascular and lung health. In addition to this, they will be improving their overall flexibility and strength which will help to keep them physically healthy in the long-term.