The World’s Religions


Usually, the term religion refers to a social-cultural system, including practices, beliefs, and texts that are followed by an individual or group. Religions are also divided into various groups, such as Orthodox Christians, Protestants, and Muslims.


Founded in Medina, Saudi Arabia, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today. More than 1 billion people follow the faith. Muslims believe in a single all-powerful and all-knowing God. They believe that he sent prophets to help guide humankind.

The Qur’an is the religion’s primary source of authority and teachings. It’s a religious text, containing many stories from the Bible, including Moses, Jesus, and other prophets. However, it does not give specific details about the various religious practices in Islam.


Throughout history, Druze have lived in the Middle East. Today, they live in Israel, Turkey, the United States, and several Latin American countries. They trace their genealogy back to the beginnings of time.

The Druze religion is an Abrahamic monotheistic syncretic ethnic religion. It is based on the beliefs of ancient Greek philosophers. The Druze have a strong sense of community. They are also very generous and look after the destitute. They hold the Qur’an to be sacred.


Throughout history, the Jewish people have maintained a unique religious tradition. They have lived in various regions of the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. They have developed incredible adaptability.

Judaism is a religious faith based on the belief that G-d is one God, who created the universe. This belief is based on monotheism, which means that Jews believe that G-d will redeem all of humankind.

Evangelical Protestants

Evangelical Protestants are the nation’s single largest religious group. They comprise over 25% of the U.S. population, surpassing the Catholic population and the mainline Protestant population.

Despite their large size, evangelical Protestants are a conservative religious group. Those who identify with this group tend to be less educated than the general public. Their religious beliefs emphasize a “born again” experience. The belief in inerrancy is also a key feature of this faith. Evangelicals believe that everything written in the Bible is authentic and error free.

Orthodox Christians

Almost two thousand years ago, Christ gave His Church the mission to spread the good news of salvation to the world. The Orthodox Christian faith is one of the three major Christian traditions. Those who embrace the Orthodox faith are diverse, coming from many different countries and ethnicities. However, the Orthodox Church is one of the oldest Christian traditions and its practices have not changed in centuries.


During the Arab Spring, the Baha’i religion was persecuted in Yemen. As a result, the Baha’i community in the country is a small minority. While many Baha’is have lost their livelihoods, others have escaped to other parts of the country.

According to the Baha’i religion, God revealed himself to humanity through various prophets from different religions. These prophets are referred to as revelators. These revelators include Zoroaster, Moses, Confucius, and Christ. The revelators then share their revelation with their followers.