Types of News


There are many different types of news. These stories range from crime to money to scandals and celebrity stories. Even local news can be exciting. These stories will grab the attention of viewers. Depending on the source, they may even be emotional. This article will discuss some of the types of stories that make headlines. It will also explain how to select a news source.

Crime and money make news

Crimes involving money make news more often than crimes that do not involve money. For example, a robbery that involves a high-profile criminal will be more interesting than a break-and-enter, where the offender steals a few hundred dollars from a parking spot. Moreover, a fraud case involving a public figure is often more important than a simple theft.

Celebrity and entertainment stories

If you’re looking for entertainment and celebrity news, you have many options. There are many websites dedicated to bringing you the latest gossip and stories. You can read celebrity and entertainment stories, see video clips, and listen to podcasts from your favorite radio station. Mediatakeout is one such website that focuses on covering celebrity stories. It is independent, and publishes news that many other media outlets won’t cover. Some of the stories it covers include video clips of mishaps involving famous people.

Violence and scandal

Violence and scandal are often the focus of news stories. It’s no surprise that these issues are in the news. While the news industry has always been a haven for speculation and sensationalism, it has also become a breeding ground for fake news and sensationalism. Although news is supposed to be factual, the pressure to meet deadlines often leads to journalists compromising their integrity. In a recent film screening at BYU International Cinema, Professor Rob McFarland explored the dangers of fake news and sensationalism.


Locality in news is a growing phenomenon in media, with numerous news outlets springing up in different states and countries. Local newspapers and magazines can provide local news and information as well as promote local events and businesses. While the front page of most newspapers and magazines focuses on national events, many still have dedicated sections to local topics. These include weather reports, sports reports, and classified ads.


Timeliness of news is one of the key components of journalism. Throughout the nineteenth century, the press prized the ability to deliver news as soon as possible, and thereby engage readers. The press reified timeliness both internally through reward systems and externally through marketing. The goal of making news timely was to increase the reader’s chances of participating in distant affairs and to accentuate the ritualistic quality of news.


Objectivity in news is an important component of journalism. It is what lends it legitimacy. Without it, journalism would be pointless. The concept of ‘objectivity’ is inextricably linked to concepts such as ‘truth’ and’reality’. It is a core principle of journalism, and one that is often difficult to operationalise.